Horizon's web design services start right from converting a text files into HTML documents, through to constructing a large site from the scratch. We can tailor a web site for you and is compatible with all the browsers.

Here are some of the latest Web Developments we can incorporate into your web site:


Uses Sun's web language to allow creation of actual programs to run on user's machines. Useful for animations, scrolling, and applications.

Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages is a powerful application development tool that enables the rapid creation of interactive, dynamic, data-driven web sites. ASP can write and select information from searchable databases of clients, products, sales, inventory, shipping, etc. and create dynamic responses to any number of specific situations. We can rapidly develop custom ASP applications that fit perfectly to your needs and enable your company to move to online functionality and enter the world of e-commerce.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) 

This is the scripting language used to generate forms on the WWW. We can customize all of your forms to make sure you're getting the right  information from your web visitors. Also applicable to on-line transactions and shopping cart interfaces, Database queries, Greeting Card Posting, On-line exams and also useful in conducting online web-based auctions. 

Sound and Video

Do you want your web site to have more than just text and pictures? We put audio, video, surround video and also we compress the file size which makes the website more interesting and memorable.

Designing Tools 

3D MAX, Macromedia Products, Adobe Products, etc.

Client-Side Image-Maps 

Makes your web pages faster. GIF Animations - Another way of spicing up your page. Animate your logo to make a flag wave or lights blink.

On-Line Transactions 

If you're interested in selling on the Web we can program and design the the website complete with shopping cart, data etc with an easy client side interface module.

ActiveX controls 

Formerly called OLE controls, are standard user interface elements that allow you to assemble forms and dialog boxes rapidly. ActiveX controls also bring the Internet alive, adding compelling new functionality to your World Wide Web pages.

Online Auctions

Online auctions bring a huge amount of visitors to your site, who post auction items, repeatedly bid on items, and check back to see which items have sold. Online auctions create excellent advertising opportunities.

Bulletin Boards

Attract traffic to your site by putting up an interactive Bulletin Board System where visitors can exchange ideas and technical support and can answer questions online.

Classified Ads

Bring a constant stream of traffic to your site with online classified ads. Visitors post items to sell or search for items. Great for advertising.

Online Stores

How do you open a storefront to the entire world without laying a single brick? By opening up a store on the web. Horizon can build your entire web store for you, bringing in a whole new avenue of sales.


Add interactivity and gather opinions on various topics by adding an online voting booth to your site.

Visitor Forms

Horizon can build forms that gather information from visitors and email it to you or enter it into a database.